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    How to Contact Amazon Customer Service Center by Mobile App

    How To Use Amazon Customer Service Number In Mobile Application

    how to Contact Amazon Customer Service Center first you have to Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store after downloading wait sometimes when ever it properly installed in your phone then open Amazon App and after Opening you have to Sign In if you are Existing User of Amazon, Amazon Customer Service NumberWelcome to this site or Amazon Customer Service Number in this part of the site provided information is how you contact with Amazon Customer Service Center in Mobile Application or how you Use Amazon Customer Service Number to contact with Amazon Service Center. 
    To know how to Contact Amazon Customer Service Center first you have to Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store after downloading wait sometimes whenever it properly installed in your phone then open Amazon App and after Opening you have to Sign In if you are Existing User of Amazon.

    Steps for New Users 

    If you are the new user of Amazon then follow below steps properly that says what you have to do for contact with Amazon Customer Service Center.
    First new Users go to your mobile and open Google Play Store the search Amazon app then download it and leave it for sometimes that perfectly installed in your mobile then open the app.
    After Opening Amazon App look the Mobile screen you have must see an option Sign in? and also here you can see another option like new to Amazon? create an account 
    Creating an account first you have fill-up your Full Name then your mobile number after that you have to give your E-mail address and then you have to choose your password whenever you choose your password then must use both capital and small latter as well as use Number after that you have to verify your mobile number after verification your account will successfully be created now you can use your account.

    How to Contact Amazon Customer Service Center

    For all Users first Sign in your Amazon Account then click the Menu Button and scroll down then you can see here an option Customer service and click on Customer Service after that you will see many options here like
    1. Your order
    2. Returns & Refund
    3. Manage Address 
    4. Amazon Pay
    5. Account Setting
    6. Browse All Help
    7. Contact Us

    Your Order

    In this section, you are able to track your order or Cancel your Order and for the new user it shows blank because if they don't have yet if someone order something it will show the all details in Your Order section 

    Returns & Refund

    In this section, you can returns any products and refund your money if you have ordered some product and you receive a damaged product then you can claim on it and return this product and you get your money back and remember this section is only for returns and refunds.

    Manage Address

    In this section, Users can change their address only no more action will be accessed by this section.

    Amazon Pay

    In this section you will have an online payment wallet chance, Amazon Pay provides online payment system with national banking system here you can add money and can pay online like Telephone Bill, Electric Bill, Gas Bill and you can send gift cards to your friends and also can buy gift cards this is an important section Amazon.

    Account setting

    Account setting is common settings for users here users can Edit their details like Name, E-mail, Mobile Phone number, Password And Advanced Security Setting it will describe in the last of this article.

    Browse All Help

    In this section, you can get more Amazon Customer Service Details like
    1. Track Your Order 
    2. Check Refund Status
    3. Add Bank Account For Refund
    4. Cancel Order
    5. Return and Replace items
    6. Revise Failed Payment
    7. Add and Update Address
    8. Sign Up for Prime
    9. Add payment Method
    10. Use Amazon Pay
    11. Access Amazon Messages
    12. Change Account Setting
    13. Manage Prime
    14. Manage Subscribe & Save
    15. Manage Digital content
    16. More Help

    Contact Us

    In this section, You can get Contact Supports from Amazon Customer Service Center here also you have seen some options like
    1. Chat with Customer Service
    2. Call Us
    3. Question About Your Order(Your Order)
    4. Have Comment or Suggestions? (Provide feedback)

    Chat with Customer Service

    By Clicking this options one Chat desk opens in front of you here you can ask any question to Amazon they will answer to your all Questions if don't get satisfaction from this method then choose the second option Call us.

    Call Us

    When you choose this option they ask you what is the Issue's why you want to Contact them some options will appear these are-
    1. My Order
    2. Amazon Device and Kindle App
    3. Digital Service
    4. Using Amazon Pay Service
    5. Prime Membership
    6. Password or Account setting
    Users choose their issue and these options have many sub-options and after choosing your issue you must have to choose Call-back options

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